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Switch to HE-VA rolls technology to reduce your workload and costs whilst improving effectiveness.

HE-VA rolls are the first choice for the professional farmer and if you mention the name HE-VA to most farmers in the UK the first machine they think of will be rolls!

HE-VA have been manufacturing agricultural rolls since the 1970s and their experience and knowledge in designing and building the best machines money can buy and run is second to none.

Every model from 4.5m to 20.3m incorporates many innovative features ensuring the rolls give even consolidation across the full working width. 

On Tip Rollers and Tip XL, HE-VA offer many options to turn HE-VA rollers into an all round cultivator including; Shattaboards, Slicerboards, Straw Tines, Top Cutter and Multi-Seeders.

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of rolls, we offer a wide choice of Cambridge rolls with varying ring types that you can specify to create the right machine to suit any type of land and farming system.

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