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ALPEGO Products & Machines

Known for an innovative approach to design, Alpego of Italian origin, have been specialising in one-pass crop establishment systems for over 30 years, with a comprehensive line-up of cultivation and green maintenance equipment, well suited to the requirements and demands of UK agriculture. The range of machinery extends to power harrows, rotary cultivators, combination drills and flail mowers.


Introduced to the OPICO UK line-up in April 2024

Alpego, founded in the heart of the Veneto region is a family business, now in its third generation. Vittorio Pegoraro founded the business originally as Pegoraro Agricultural Constructions in 1946 and handcrafted the first agricultural equipment in a small workshop under his house.

Thanks to his excellent ideas and construction quality, Vittorio’s highly appreciated work soon became a benchmark for the Italian agricultural machinery sector.

In 1988 sons Giovanni and Luciano Pegoraro continued to build the family business creating ALPEGO as its known today. The reasoning behind the name was, at the time and before the internet the main communications platform for agricultural manufactures was participating in trade fairs and featuring as an exhibitor within the guides and brochures, by using a name that began with A, and adding the family name PEGO, the business would be among the first exhibitors in the alphabetical index, thus catapulting their brand awareness automatically.


In 1991 the first Alpego power harrow was designed and developed and by 1998 the company had developed the first combined seed drill.

Alpego has always believed in the importance of growth and internationalisation to increase its ability to evolve and create value. A serious, thoughtful expansion plan based on experience and the ability to respond quickly to the demands of the international market in tune with its dealers led Alpego to open its branch in France in 2001.

This desire to work with its customers has led to a structured network of importers and dealers and Alpego’s commitment to the UK market is underlined by continued investment in research and development and the new partnership with OPICO Limited.

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