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HE-VA Tip Roller XL fitted with optional Straw Tines in stubble


HE-VA have one of the largest Rolls ranges on the market and the 5-Section Tip Roller XL meets the demand for wider rolls, with the ability to cultivate and level.

Sizes range from 12.3m to 15.3m, all fitted with NG rings - 12.3m with either 9 spoke 560mm (22") or 10 spoke 620mm (24") and 15.3m with 9 spoke 560mm (22"). New Generation rings (NG) come standard with a 5-year warranty.


SAT System - Weight Transfer System

All rolls have the powerful built-in SAT system to spread the frame weight evenly across the machine width.

Cambridge Rolls without HE-VA automatic weight balancing tend to exert the highest ground pressure on the centre roller section. This roller section carries the weight of the drawbar, wheel frame and hydraulics as well as its own weight, far more than the two wing sections.

The HE-VA SAT system hydraulic pressure transfers weight to the outside roll sections and are attached with centre pivot hinges, weight transferred evenly across the full width of the Cambridge Rolls.

Contour Following

The key to any set of Rolls successfully improving soil consolidation is weight, and getting the weight on to the soil. The Tip Roller XL achieves this by featuring five pivot points, three centre pivots plus two more where the wings are joined to the main frame. Giving independent floatation on each section; this allows the roller to follow the contours in the most undulating of ground conditions and ensures constant ring to soil contact. 


Heavy Duty Design

The Tip Rollers XL's folding mechanism has a deep wing link pivot with Teflon coated steel bushing top and bottom to provide strength for cultivation as well as rolling.

The rings are mounted on 60mm axles for strength and longevity. These axles run on 4 bolt multi-seal bearings protected inside u-profile steel.

Transport & Storage

The Tip Roller XL's 5 gangs are held positively during transport to improve stability and reduce noise.

In the completely folded position the weight of the wings is carried between the tractor and transport wheels improving stability.



Folds in Seconds


Make Your Rolls Work Harder


Shattaboards & Slicerboards

Straw Tines



Ring Profile

HE-VA rolls are available with a choice of ring types. All carefully designed to cope with today’s higher machine weights but retain the time-proven qualities of traditional ring engineering, the range includes new multi-spoke developments created to meet customer demand and changing farming methods.

New generation (NG) rings come standard with a 5-year warranty.


8 spoke Cambridge and Breaker
510mm / 20"

9 spoke Cambridge and Breaker
560mm / 22"

10 spoke Cambridge and Breaker
620mm / 24"


8 spoke Cambridge only
500mm / 20"

9 spoke Cambridge only
550mm / 22"

10 spoke Cambridge only
600mm / 24"



Featuring a strengthened double frame, the Tip Roller XL can be mounted with optional elements such as Shattaboards, Slicerboards, Straw Tines, a Top Cutter (on 12.3 model) and a Multi-Seeder. 

Tip Roller XL - Cambridge and Breaker Ring Cultivator Rollers

 HE-VA Tip Roller XL Cambridge Rolls

Model Roller Size Working Width Transport Weight
1063086-54 560mm 12.3m 3m 11900kg
1063086-62 620mm 12.3m 3m 12600kg
1063088-54 560mm 15.3m 3m 14250kg

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